Download jQuery EasyUI 1.1

Current Version: 1.1


  • Bug
    • messager: When call show method with timeout property setted, an error occurs while clicking the close button. fixed.
    • combobox: The editable property of combobox plugin is invalid. fixed.
    • window: The proxy box will not be removed when dragging or resizing exceed browser border in ie. fixed.
  • Improvement
    • menu: The menu item can use <a> markup to display a different page.
    • tree: The tree node can use <a> markup to act as a tree menu.
    • pagination: Add some event on refresh button and page list.
    • datagrid: Add a 'param' parameter for reload method, with which users can pass query parameter when reload data.
    • numberbox: Add required validation support, the usage is same as validatebox plugin.
    • combobox: Add required validation support.
    • combotree: Add required validation support.
    • layout: Add some method that can get a region panel and attach event handlers.
  • New Plugins
    • droppable: A droppable plugin that supports drag drop operation.
    • calendar: A calendar plugin that can either be embedded within a page or popup.
    • datebox: Combines a textbox with a calendar that let users to select date.
    • easyloader: A JavaScript loader that allows you to load plugin and their dependencies into your page.

License: GPLv3

Auto parse classes:

  • easyui-linkbutton
  • easyui-accordion
  • easyui-menu
  • easyui-menubutton
  • easyui-splitbutton
  • easyui-layout
  • easyui-panel
  • easyui-tabs
  • easyui-tree
  • easyui-window
  • easyui-dialog
  • easyui-datagrid
  • easyui-combobox
  • easyui-combotree
  • easyui-numberbox
  • easyui-validatebox
  • easyui-calendar
  • easyui-datebox


  • draggable
  • droppable
  • resizable
  • panel
  • tabs
  • accordion
  • layout
  • linkbutton
  • menubutton
  • splitbutton
  • menu
  • form
  • combobox
  • combotree
  • numberbox
  • validatebox
  • window
  • dialog
  • datagrid
  • pagination
  • tree
  • calendar
  • datebox
  • parser

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